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Young Buck Net Worth

$100 thousand

Name Young Buck
Date of Birth March 15, 1981
Age 41 years old
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83m)
Profession: Rapper
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth: $100 thousand


Young Buck Introduction

Young Buck, better known by his real identification David Darnell Brown, is a rapper from the United States. He founded Cashville Records and was a component of the defunct hip hop band G-Unit.

Young Buck Early Life

Young Buck Early Life

Young Buck was born in 1981, on the 15th, of March in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. He started rapping at the age of 12. Just several years later, he played for Cash Money co-founder Brian “Baby” Williams.

Young Buck Personal Life

Young Buck Personal Life

Young Buck wedded Tanee McCall in 2002 and has two children, Jada and Jayla, as well as a son, David Jr. Young Buck needed a blood transfusion after being wounded numerous times.

Throughout a home invasion at his Nashville house in 2000 and his SUV was attacked by a drive-by gunman in 2012.

The automobile was hit eleven times by gunfire, as well as a female passenger was hurt, but Young Buck remained unharmed. He was jailed in November 2004 after reportedly attacking a man at the VIBE Honors.

Jimmy James Johnson, the victim, approached Dr. Dre for a signature, and then when he rejected, Johnson hit him in the back of the head, resulting in a brawl.

Young Buck reached an agreement with investigators to prevent appearing in court. He was also detained in August 2005 when police stopped the van he was traveling in and discovered two firearms inside.

One of the firearms was found on the van’s floor, as well as all 12 individuals inside were charged with felony possession of weapons.

He was arrested in July 2016 for breaking down the door of his ex-house girlfriend’s and threatening to burn it down.

He was initially freed on a $5,000 bail, but he was subsequently sentenced to 7 months in prison for breaking his discharge terms by attempting to contact the lady more than 100 times, as well as for violating his probation by “smoking marijuana as well as producing a fake urine sample.”

After the IRS searched his residence in August 2010, Young Buck qualified for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The IRS prepared to auction off his confiscated property in October, but his attorneys filed a lawsuit to prevent the auction from taking place.

Young Buck had planned to sue 50 Cent over a record contract disagreement, but when his team of lawyers re-filed an amended bankruptcy petition, they removed all references towards the $5 million case.

Young Buck asserted that he required the studio equipment to “produce cash in order to restructure the estate” and also that he required his home and property back since it had “caused enormous stress in the home.”

Young Buck’s counsel informed the court that he would be able to start paying back taxes after selling a property valued at $638,500, but the IRS staged a foreclosure auction and made around $53,000 off of his properties in July 2012.

Authorities discovered a pistol and ammo in Young Buck’s house during the IRS raid, and because he is a felon and is forbidden from carrying weapons, he started serving 18 months in jail on gun charges in August 2012.

Young Buck Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1981, on the 15th, of March “Young Buck” age is 41 years old as of today date and his height is 6 feet 0 inches tall, (1.83 m), and his weight is 81 kilograms and (178 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Young Buck Career

Young Buck Career

Young Buck traveled with Birdman shortly after contracting with Cash Money. Young Buck departed Cash Money after five years of not featuring on a Cash Money record as well as registered with UTP labels, which was created by rapper Juvenile.

He also founded the Juvenile music group UTP Playas, with whom he recorded the record “The Compilation” in 2002. He also released a solo album on the company that year, “Born to Be a Thug.” In 2003, Young Buck departed the band and the company to join G-Unit as well as G-Unit Records.

In 2003, G-Unit produced their debut studio album, “Beg for Mercy,” which peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts list and was certified 2x Platinum.

Young Buck’s solo album “Straight Outta Cashville” went platinum in 2004, and included the hits “Let Me In” (with 50 Cent), “Shorty Wanna Ride,” as well as “Look at Me Now” (featuring Mr. Porter).

He continued “Straight Outta Cashville” with the solo record “Buck the World” in 2007 as well as the G-Unit album “T.O.S.” in 2008. (Terminate on Sight).

50 Cent revealed a few months before the publication of “T.O.S.” that Young Buck was no longer a part of G-Unit due to “inconsistent conduct.” 50 Cent later published an audio recording of a telephone conversation in which Young Buck could be heard weeping and pleading with 50 Cent to get him back into the group, prompting Young Buck to produce a few diss tracks against 50 Cent as well G-Unit.

Young Buck was not able to release new songs for years since he was still under agreement with G-Unit Productions, but he stated in 2012 that he was no longer under agreement with the company.

Young Buck rejoined with G-Unit in 2014, appearing on the EPs “The Beauty of Independence” as well as “The Beast Is G-Unit,” both of which peaked at #3 on the Top Rap Records list.

He also released a mixtape in 2015 called “Before The Beast,” which was followed by numerous more, including “Compulsive” (2019) and “Vaccine” (2021).

Young Buck Net Worth

Young Buck Net Worth

In 2022, Young Buck’s personal wealth is expected to be $100,000. As an American rapper as well as producer, he earns the most income. He was once a participant of the hip-hop bands UTP Playas as well as G-Unit (alongside rapper 50 Cent). He makes more than $96,000 every year.

Following allegations of feuds inside G-Unit, 50 Cent ultimately threw Young Buck out of the band in 2008. “Straight Outta Cashville,” his debut studio album, was published on G-Unit Records in 2004 and peaked at number one on the Top Rap Albums list, number two on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and the third-largest in the world on the “Billboard” 200 charts.

“Buck the Planet,” its 2007 follow-up, debuted at number three on the Billboard charts as well as topped the R&B/hip-hop plus rap charts.

Young Buck rejoined G-Unit in 2014, contributing to the EPs “The Beauty of Independence” (2014) as well as “The Beast Is G-Unit” (2015). (2015). Young Buck launched his personal record company, G-Unit South, in 2005, but changed the title to Cashville Productions in 2007.

To determine Young Buck’s net worth, remove all of his obligations from his entire assets. Total assets include investments, savings, cash deposits, and whatever equity he holds in a house, automobile, or another such item. Total liabilities encompass all debts, such as school loans and credit card debt.


According to the most recent report, Young Buck’s personal wealth is $100 thousand. It is a substantial sum. All of this money is the result of his blood, sweat, as well as tears.

He accumulated his riches through a variety of means. Young is a rapper as well as a record producer, therefore he is a multi-talented individual.

Young Buck was a musician of the hip hop groups UTP Playas and G-Unit. 50 Cent fired Young Buck later that year. The cause was allegations of a feud with G-Cent.

Straight Outta Cashville was his debut album, released in 2004. That album debuted at number one on the Top Rap Albums Chart. Not only that, but it also became the second most popular album on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

It peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. Buck The World, his other single, was the top trending #3 on the Billboard 200. The record also debuted at the top of the rap as well as R&B/Hip-Hop rankings.

Buck the World debuted in 2007. When he returned to G-Unit in 2014, he was given the moniker “The Beauty of Independence.” He also appeared on EPs like “Beast is the G-Unit in 201.”

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