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Todd Bridges Net Worth

$250 Thousand

Name Todd Bridges
Date of Birth May 27, 1965
Age 57 years old
Height 6 ft 0 inch (1.80m)
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $250 thousand


Todd Bridges Introduction

Todd Bridges is a well-known American actor. In the comedy Diff’rent Strokes, he played Willis Jackson, as well as on Everybody Hates Chris, he played Monk. Bridges appeared as a pundit on TruTV Presents World’s Dumbest… between 2008 and 2013.

Todd Bridges Early Life & Career Beginnings

Todd Bridges Early Life & Career Beginnings

Todd Bridges was born in San Francisco, California in 1965 to talent agent James Sr. as well as an actress as well as filmmaker Betty Alice Pryor. He has an elder brother called Jimmy, who was also an actor.

Bridges first appeared on television in 1975, in an episode of the ABC sitcom “Barney Miller.” He appeared in the television films “The Orphan and the Dude” as well as “Katherine” the same year. He appeared as Little Walter in an episode of the criminal drama anthology series “Police Story” in 1976.

Todd Bridges Personal Life

Todd Bridges Personal Life

Spencir Bridges (born July 15, 1998), Bridges’ son from his previous relationship with Dori Bridges (née Smith), is also a previous child actress who starred in the movie Daddy Day Camp as well as an episode of iCarly. Bridges also have a daughter from a former relationship, Bo Bridges.

Stella Kline, a 51-year-old paraplegic lady who almost drowned when her wheelchair slipped into a lake while she was fishing, was retrieved by Bridges as well as his brother James in 1998. “I was thanking God he was there,” Kline recalled, “because everybody’s been talking nothing but awful things about Todd Bridges on the TV and throughout the papers… He has a heart of gold.”

“We thought God put us there at the appropriate time to safeguard this lady’s life because there was no one else nearby,” Bridges said. Bridges stated on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010 that he was sexually molested at the age of 11 by a journalist who was also a friend of the family.

Todd Bridges Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1965, on the 27th, of May “Todd Bridges” age is 57 years old as of today date and his height is 6 feet 0n inches tall, (1.80 m), and his weight is 78 kilograms and (172 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Todd Bridges Television Career

Todd Bridges Television Career

Bridges’ big year on broadcast came in 1977. In addition to one appearance in “Little House on the Prairie,” he played Bud Harvey in the classic miniseries “Roots” and appeared in the television film “A Killing Affair.” Also that year, he started a recurring role on the “Barney Miller” spinoff “Fish,” as one of a couple of foster parents’ racially mixed children. Bridges featured in episodes of “The Waltons” as well as “The Love Boat” around this period.

Bridges rose to fame in 1978 as the lead in the comedy “Diff’rent Strokes.” Willis Jackson, one of two African-American brothers taken in by a rich white entrepreneur in Manhattan, was played by him. Bridges co-starred with Gary Coleman, who portrayed his brother Arnold; Coleman’s catchphrase, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” became one of television’s most renowned.

Conrad Bain, Dana Plato, Charlotte Rae, Nedra Volz, as well as Mary Jo Catlett were also members of the cast on the show. “Diff’rent Strokes” was a big hit with fans, running for eight seasons until 1986, as well as inspired the spinoff series “The Facts of Life,” centered on Charlotte Rae’s protagonist Mrs. Edna Garrett.

Bridges featured in the 1979 documentary film “The Return of Mod Squad” and as Willis Jackson in some few crossover episodes of the NBC comedy “Hello, Larry” while still on “Diff’rent Strokes.” He starred in episodes of “Rosie” as well as “Here’s Boomer” in the 1980s, as well as the television movies “High School U.S.A.” as well as “Twice Dead.” Bridges’ sole television appearances in the 1990s were in episodes of the children’s show “The New Lassie” as well as the action television drama “L.A. Heat.”

Bridges started the 2000s with a cameo in “The Darkling,” a television film based on David Kesterton’s fantasy book. Following that, he appeared as himself in an installment of the FX sitcom “Son of the Beach” and in an episode of the sketch comedy program “The Rerun Show.” Bridges had a bigger role in 2002 when he had an eight-episode arc on the serial opera “The Young as well as the Restless.”

Later, from 2007 to 2009, he had only one among his most notable late-career appearances as the recurring character Monk on the comedy “Everybody Hates Chris.” Bridges also started appearing as a frequent commenter on the TruTV show “World’s Dumbest” at this time. Bridges appeared in a variety of competition show series in the 2000s, including “Fear Factor,” “Skating with Celebrities,” as well as “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.”

Film Career

Todd Bridges Film Career

Bridges began his acting career in the 1989 comedy “She’s Out of Control,” and moved on to feature in movies such as “The Sounds of Silence,” “Homeboy,” “Gangstaz,” “The Climb,” “Dumb Luck,” as well as “Curse of the Maya.” He had one of his greatest prominent roles in movies in the Nigerian drama “Turning Point” in 2012.

Legal and criminal problems

Todd Bridges Legal and criminal problems

Bridges began consuming marijuana as a 15-year-old Diff’rent Strokes star. Bridges struggled with crack cocaine as well as methamphetamine addictions throughout his twenties. To sustain his addiction, he purchased and sold narcotics. Bridges were convicted of criminal assault and possession of cocaine.

Bridges were penalized $240 in 1983 for carrying a concealed handgun. When accused of fabricating a bomb scare in 1987, he pleaded no guilty and obtained a suspended sentence. Bridges were arrested and convicted in 1989 for the premeditated manslaughter of Kenneth “Tex” Clay, a Los Angeles-area drug dealer who prosecutors said Bridges shot.

Bridges pled not guilty and also was represented by the well-known defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, who contended that Bridges was an abused youngster who was lured to drugs by an exploitative film business and was now being framed. Bridges were cleared of all charges after a witness testified that he was not there at the incident.

Bridges were arrested on charges of trafficking narcotics for sale and possessing a loaded handgun on December 29, 1992, when Burbank, California law enforcement officers uncovered methamphetamines and a loaded revolver in his automobile. He was freed on bail of $10,000. After years of addiction, Bridges quit taking narcotics on February 24, 1993.


Todd Bridges Memoir


Bridges published Killing Willis: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Roads to the Life I Always Wanted (2008), in which he discussed his childhood sexual abuse, drug dependency, criminal charges, as well as struggles to construct a public persona apart from the Willis character. On April 28, 2010, he went on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss his tumultuous past, which he detailed in his memoir.

Todd Bridges Net Worth

Todd Bridges Net Worth

Bridges continued working on camera despite several legal issues. Despite the fact that his drug issue harmed his profession, he amassed wealth over the years. His net worth is believed to be $250,000.

Bridges have also featured in Everybody Hates Chris, Turning Point, World’s Dumbest, Roots, A Killing Affair, as well as the Darkling, in addition to Diff’rent Strokes. In 2008, the actor released his biography Killing Willis: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted. He discussed his childhood, profession, and drug usage in his memoir.

Bridges has two children with his ex-wife Dori: a son named Spencer and a daughter named Bo J. Rushing from a previous relationship. This Article is Based on our research, when we were writing this article we had gone through many renowned magazines & sites like Forbes, Wikipedia, etc.


Todd Bridges is a wealthy American actor with a personal wealth of $250 thousand. Todd Bridges is an actor who has acted in a variety of television series, films, and other projects. Although his own career is not particularly successful, he is a very productive and well-known actor.

Todd Bridges is noted for his work on sitcoms such as Diff’rent Strokes, Everybody Hates Chris and numerous others. He is an extremely talented actor who has played a wide variety of roles in both film and television. Todd Bridges began his acting career at the age of ten in 1975. His early works brought him enormous acclaim, but his life was also devastated by his drug and marijuana addiction.

He began using marijuana when he was 15, and by the age of 20, he was purchasing and selling narcotics. He’s been arrested several times by the drug police and fined thousands of dollars. He has also authored a book on his life’s difficulties.

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