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Tech N9ne Net Worth

$18 Million

Name Tech N9ne
Date of Birth November 8, 1971
Age 50 years old
Height 5 ft 5 inch (1.70m)
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $18 million


Tech N9ne Introduction

Tech N9ne commonly known by his real name “Aaron Dontez Yates,” is an American rapper. In 1999, he as well as business associate Travis O’Guin created the record company Strange Music. He has released over two million CDs and has had his soundtrack featured in movies, television, as well as computer games.

Tech N9ne Early Life

Tech N9ne Early Life

Aaron Dontez Yates was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 8, 1971. He was reared by his single mother, who also happened to have lupus. Furthermore, his father was alienated from his family at an early age.

Tech N9ne would resort to the song to psychologically escape the anguish that this all created. In fact, he stated that he started rapping as soon as he was able to form phrases.

Tech N9ne’s mother claims that her son used rapping to help him study spelling and arithmetic! In pre-school, he would rap the characters of his initial name to help him recall the spelling.

This talent certainly transferred into eventual musical success. His tutors instantly recognized his talent and suggested he join a chorus. Soon, the young youngster was singing for his local church.

As he entered high school, the negative influences of his community began to have an impact. By the age of 17, Tech N9ne had allied with and joined the Bloods, a prominent street gang. Tech N9ne continued to produce music and improve his abilities while in the Bloods.

Tech N9ne Personal Life

Tech N9ne Personal Life

In 1995, Tech N9ne wedded Lecoya LeJeune. The couple divorced in 2005. Yates filed for separation ten years later, and the separation was not completed until November 2017, 12 years after they were divorced.

Yates is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs as well as Royals supporter. Tech N9ne published a song called “The Red Kingdom” before the Chiefs played in the 2019 AFC Championship game as a tribute as well as mentioned numerous Chiefs players, which would include dearly departed defensive lineman Derrick Thomas, along with other participants after that season such as Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Eric Berry, Harrison Butkus, Justin Houston, Chris Jones, as well as Dee Ford.

Tech N9ne Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1971, on the 8th, of November “Tech N9ne” age is 50 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 5 inches tall, (1.70 m), and his weight is 72 kilograms and (158 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Tech N9ne Career

Tech N9ne Career

He was a member of the Black Mafia in 1991. He was also a member of the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains as well as Nnutthowze organizations. In 1997, he decided to join rapper Yukmouth’s group The Regime, and also in 1998, he was included on the soundtrack for Gang Related. Eminem, RZA, and Xzibit all featured him.

In 1999, he co-founded the music company Strange Music. In 1999, he published his debut studio album, The Calm Before The Storm. In 2001, he published the album “The Worst.” Yates achieved underground success in the system that year with the publication of his album “Anghellic” on JCOR Records. After disagreements occurred about the record’s promotion, he cut relations with JCOR, and they were permitted to retain rights to the record.

Absolute Power was launched in 2002 and peaked at number three on the US Indie chart. Tech N9ne’s records Everready (The Religion) in 2006 and Misery Loves Kompany in 2007 both peaked at number two on the same list. Killer (2008), K.O.D. (2009), The Gates Mixed People (2010), All 6’s and 7’s (2011), Strangeulation (2014), Special Effects (2015), as well as Strangeulation Vol. II (2015) all debuted at number one on the US Indie chart.

His most well-known tracks are “Fragile,” which was published in 2013 and featured Kendrick Lamar,!Mayday!, Kendall Morgan, and “Hood Go Crazy,” which was published in 2015. Big Money Rustlas, Vengeance, as well as Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D are among his cinematic credits. Tech N9ne appears to put out new albums almost as quickly as his delivery style.

Tech N9ne published “Strangeulation Vol. II” in November 2015, the sixth record in his “Collabos” series as well as his 16th altogether. JL, Ryan Bradley, as well as Tyler Lyon star. Tech remixed Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” for Dr. Dre’s “The Pharmacy” in January 2016. Later that spring, he embarked on the Independent Powerhouse Tour with fellow Strange participants. He later published “The Storm,” his 17th album, as a follow-up to his 1999 debut album “The Calm Before the Storm.” Tech N9ne released “Dominion” in 2017 and embarked on the Strictly Strange 2017 tour.

He received his first platinum record in 18 years for “Caribou Lou” on June 20, 2017. Tech N9ne’s 20th studio album, “Planet,” was released in March 2018. In April 2019, he released his 21st studio album, “N9na.” His 22nd record, “Enterfear,” was released a year later, on April 10, 2020. On July 29, 2020, Slipknot released the track “CMFT Must Be Stopped,” which featured Tech N9ne. Tech published a new project dubbed “Fear Exodus” in October of that same year.

Yates’ music has been included in a number of films, including “Gang Related,” “Alpha Dog,” “Our Heroes,” as well as “Born 2 Race.” His song “Let’s Go” was included in an AXE body spray internet advertising short video.

His music has also been featured in video games such as “Madden NFL 2006,” “The Crew,” and “25 to Life.” “I’m From Rolling Stone,” “Dark Angel,” “My Super Sweet 16,” “The Hills,” “Spike Guys’ Choice Awards,” and “Warren the Ape” are just a few of the TV series that Tech N9ne has been in. “Earthquake,” one of his songs, was included in an episode of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” In 2015, Inside the NBA’s “Tip-Off” for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals used the track “Give It All” from the record “Special Effects.”

Tech N9ne Net Worth

Tech N9ne Net Worth

Tech N9ne has an approximate net worth is estimated to be around $18 million as of 2022. In 1997, Tech joined the new group “the Regime.” He has a few years of experience as a member of many bands.

In 2001, he launched his solo career with the release of his studio album “Anghellic.” On September 24, 2002, he released his second studio album, “Absolute Power.” The album was a tremendous success, peaking at 79th on the Billboard 200.

On November 7, 2006, Tech released his next studio album, “Everyready (The Religion).” After a year, he released his next record, “Misery Lovers Kompany.”

On July 1, 2008, he debuted his second music effort, “Killer.” On the market, the album sold over one million copies. In April 2009, he released his second collaboration album, “Sickology 101.” Tech was also well-known for his popular EPs such as “Boiling Point” as well as “Something Else.”

Tech’s career skyrocketed after releasing the records “Planet,” “N9na,” and “Enterfear.” On October 23, 2020, he will release a new project named “Fear Exodus.”


Aaron Dontez Yates, better known as Tech N9ne, is an American rapper, singer, as well as composer. He has sold over two million records to date. Tech N9ne’s net worth is expected to be about $18 million in 2022.

Aaron is the co-founder of the record company Strange Music alongside Travis O’Guin. Because of his quick rhyming chopper style, the rapper Black Walt gave him the stage moniker Tech N9ne.

Tech N9ne is mainly remembered in the music industry for his smash album “Absolute Power,” which was released in 2002. He is also well-known for his appearance in Lil Wayne’s song “Interlude.”

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