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Suzanne Somers Net Worth

$100 Million

Name Suzanne Somers
Date of Birth October 16, 1946
Age 75 years old
Height 5 ft 4 inch (1.66m)
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Religion Catholicism
Net Worth $100 million


Suzanne Somers Introduction

Suzanne Marie Somers is an actress, novelist, singer, entrepreneur, and health advocate from the United States. She played Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company as well as Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step on television.

Suzanne Somers Early Life

 Suzanne Somers Early Life

Suzanne Marie Somers was born in San Bruno, California, on October 16, 1946. She was born into a Catholic Irish-American household. Francis Mahoney began working as a laborer and gardener, while Marion Elizabeth worked as a medical secretary.

Her father used to call her names as well as mistreat her when she was six years old. After completing Capuchino High School, she entered San Francisco College for Women. turned into an alcoholic this Article is Based on our research, when we were writing this article we had gone through many renowned magazines & sites like Forbes, Wikipedia, etc.

 Suzanne Somers Personal Life

 Suzanne Somers Personal Life

Suzanne married Alan Hamel and enjoy an amazing marriage. They have been wedded for nearly four decades. It was just a few months ago. Both Suzanne, as well as Alan, had ex-husbands. Suzanne was previously married to her son’s biological father, Bruce Somers when she was just 19 years old. She was, however, unsatisfied with her marriage. 44th anniversary of a marriage

She also had an extramarital affair with her former theatrical teacher. As a result, they divorced in 1967. They later met in person on an Alan-hosted game show. Alan was married to his previous wife, Marilyn Hamel, despite courting for 10 years before becoming husband and wife. Somers’ three grandchildren are Camelia, Violet, as well as Daisy Hamel-Buffa.

 Suzanne Somers Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1946, on the 16th, of October “Suzanne Somers” age is 75 years old as of today date and her height is 5 feet 4 inches tall, (1.66 m), and her weight is 63 kilograms and (138 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

 Suzanne Somers Career

 Suzanne Somers Career

Somers rose to prominence in 1969 after acting as a prize model in the film Anniversary Game. She met presenter Alan Hamel while working on the show, and they married in 1977. American Graffiti, George Lucas’ breakout picture, made one of her first big acting appearances. Suzanne Somers secured appearances in programs including The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, and One Day At A Time throughout the following few years. She also had an uncredited appearance in the movie Magnum Force.

Suzanne Somers landed a prominent part in Three’s Company in 1977. She played the classic stupid blonde and quickly became a sex symbol as a result of her performances on the show. In terms of ratings, Three’s Company performed admirably. Somers was dismissed after he started requesting a considerably greater compensation in 1980.

Because of her dramatic exit from Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers found it difficult to act in sitcoms after that. She did, however, make a comeback in the comedy realm with She’s the Sheriff in 1987. The show lasted two seasons. Somers scored another famous comedy role in Step By Step after playing in a number of made-for-TV movies. The comedy premiered in 1991 and continued for seven seasons, significantly increasing Somers’ star power.

Suzanne Somers has also hosted a number of discussion programs throughout the years. She has also featured in Broadway musicals and finished ninth on Dancing with the Celebrities in 2015. Suzanne Somers, a famous pop culture icon, has been extensively mentioned in series such as South Park as well as Beavis as well as Butthead.


Suzanne Somers Playboy

Somers has appeared in two issues of Playboy. Both times, the actress was naked, despite her initial appearance in the newspaper as a struggling single mother who couldn’t afford her expenses. She first hesitated to pose naked but later accepted. She then denied ever taking part in the session, prompting Playboy to release the photographs in 1980, proving her false. Somers was furious and filed a lawsuit against Playboy, finally winning a $50,000 settlement. One of her main fears was that her 14-year-old son would view the photographs and be affected psychologically.

Despite her displeasure with the first nude photo shoot, Somers consented to appear again four years later. She reasoned that this round she could at least regulate the image quality. She also felt it would help her career, as she had recently left Three’s Company. Her 18-year-old son eventually acknowledged viewing the nude images, despite Somers’ assurance that he would not want to see his own mother in Playboy.

 Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers net worth is $100 million as of 2022. Her net worth is entirely derived from her work as an actor, novelist, singer, and businesswoman. The majority of her personal wealth is derived from her acting profession. Bullitt (1968), Fools, American Graffiti, Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting, Zuma Beach, Mannum Force, Nothing Personal, Yesterday’s Hero, Serial Mom, Totally Minnie, Billy Jack Goes to Washington, It Happened at Lakewood Manor, Rusty: A Dog’s Tale, and Say It Isn’t So were among Suzanne’s 14 films as of 2021. Her performance in the television series Three’s Company, accompanied by Step By Step, has significantly increased her net worth.

She was initially paid roughly $5,000 for every episode. Later in the seasons, she was earning approximately $30,000 for each episode. Furthermore, the producers shared approximately 10% of the show’s earnings because Somers was the reason why the audience enjoyed watching the series. Suzanne also has a home in Malibu. Aside from that, she has a $35 million house in Plam Spring. She also owns a number of properties in southern California. She also has a residence in northern Plam Spring with her spouse. They eventually gave it to a conservation commission.

Real Estate

Suzanne Somers Real Estate

Suzanne and Alan already have a number of properties in Southern California. They offered a big estate on 73 acres in Palm Springs for $35 million at one time in 2008. They’ve had ownership of this building since the late 1970s. The price was significantly reduced in 2018 to $14.5 million, then dropped again in 2019 to $9.5 million. They used to possess 480 acres in northern Palm Springs, which they transferred to the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission in 2018.

They paid $2.3 million for a beachfront property in Malibu in 1999. They paid $2.35 million for the site next door in 2001, giving them 190 feet of beach frontage. A fire in 2007 entirely destroyed one of the residences and badly damaged the other. They advertised the combined two-lot properties in 2018 for $16.2 million and have yet to find a buyer as of this writing. It was then revealed that the house had been put up for auction due to repeated failures to find a buyer and that they were downsizing to a neighboring home they had acquired before.


Suzanne Somers has an approximate net worth is estimated to be around $100 million as of 2022. Suzanne Somers is a well-known businesswoman in the United States. She’s a household name in the movie and television industries. Somers has been in a number of television episodes and films since 1963. She eventually began writing novels and became a well-known novelist.

She has published a number of publications, including diet manuals, autobiographies, and poems. Her activity in the medical area has also been highly effective, but it has been much criticized.

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