Shakira Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight & Career 2024


Shakira Net Worth

$400 million

Name Shakira
Date of Birth 1977 2nd Feb
Age 45 years old
Height 5 feet 2 inches
ProfessionSinger Singer
Nationality Colombian
Religion Catholicism
Net Worth $400 million

Shakira Introduction

The 43-year-old singer is the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time. She has reportedly sold around 75 million albums worldwide. Shakira Isabel Mecarak Ripoli was named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2014.

Shakira Early Life

Shakira Early Life

Shakira was born on 2nd Feb 1977 in Barranquilla , Colombia. Shakira was the only child of her parents, her parent’s name was William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia Ripoll Torrado. Shakira’s full name is Shakira Isabella Mebarak Ripoll. “Shakira” translates to “grateful.”

Shakira was very passionate about writing poetry since she was a child. She started writing poetry at age four and continued to write until she was just 4. As she continued to write, the poems & songs. Her father took her to a Middle Eastern restaurant when she was four years old. She discovered belly dancing and soon after realized that she wanted to become a dancer.

Shakira had several classmates who liked her singing, and even some of her teachers, and Nun also at her Catholic school, but she was particularly good at singing in second grade. She was rejected by the school choir because her voice was too loud. Her music teacher told her that her voice sounded like a goat.

Shakira Personal Life

In 2000 Shakira began a romantic relationship with Antonio de la Rua and ended up separating in 2010.

Shakira Personal Life

In April 2013, Antonio sued her after terminating a business partnership with him, and in August, the lawsuit was dismissed by an L. A Court judge.

Shakira has been in a relationship with footballer Gerard Pique since 2011. They have two children, Milan and Sasha.

Shakira Age, Height, and Weight

Being born in 1977, on the 2nd of February “Shakira” age is 45 years old as of today’s date her height is 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 m and her weight is 65 kg as of 2022.

Shakira Career

Shakira’s first album, Magia, was recorded in 1990 at age 13 and was produced by Sony Music Colombia.

Shakira Career

Shakira’s first album, Magia, was recorded in 1990 at age 13 and was produced by Sony Music Colombia. The album was released on June 21st, 1991, and featured “Magic” and three other singles. Though it was well-received by Colombians and gave Shakira much exposure, her album didn’t do well commercially, as only 1200 copies were sold worldwide.

After Shakira’s poor performance at the Grammys, her label asked her to return to the recording studio to release a new album

And in 2010 she sang the official song ‘Waka Waka’ for FIFA World Cup. And that was a song that became an instant sensation overnight for her and the music video has been viewed over billion times on Youtube. She became Colombia’s most popular singer.

Shakira Net Worth

Shakira Net Worth

Shakira has an approximated net worth is estimated to be around $400 million dollars as of 2022. She has made a lot of her wealth through album sales, record producing, and acting. Shakira is considered among the world’s greatest female singers of all time

She is one of the world’s best-selling Latin American artists and one of the best-selling artists of all time with over 70 million albums sold worldwide.

Shakira’s English albums “Oral Fixation Vol.2” (2005), “Shakira” [sic] (2014), and “She Wolf” (2009) were all certified gold or platinum in various countries worldwide.

Apart from music, Shakira has also done film and television work, such as The Voice and Zootopian.


Shakira is an artist and has founded a Colombian charitable organization for poor children. She has received several awards for her philanthropic works She is still one the most popular and sensational singers in the world. Her recent album El Daraod is doing well, and she has planned a world tour for her music album this year.

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