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Ryan Higa Net Worth

$10 million

Name Ryan Higa
Date of Birth June 6, 1990
Age 31 years old
Height 5 ft 6 inch (1.73m)
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Religion Agnosticism
Net Worth $10 million


Ryan Higa Introduction

Ryan Higa, popularly known as nigahiga, is an Internet personality from the United States. Higa, better remembered for his YouTube comedy videos, started creating videos in 2006 and became one of the platform’s most successful producers in its early years.

Ryan Higa Early Life

Ryan Higa Early Life

Ryan is of Japanese origin, with their mom and dad from the Japanese island of Okinawa. He was born and raised with an elder brother and went to Waiakea High School, in which he also participated in judo and quickly gained a black belt rank.

Throughout high school, he managed to meet and befriended Sean Fujiyoshi, as well as the two tried their hand at lip-syncing to songs on YouTube. This rapidly evolved into more hilarious stuff, with their pals making cameos in their films on occasion.

After graduating from high school in 2008, he began focusing more on his YouTube channel, but he ran into some issues with copyright infringements on two of his most viewed videos, and his email address was suspended until he deleted the videos in question, which included the majority of his lip-syncing videos.

He has subsequently opted to start making music and focusing on other forms of entertainment. He relocated to Las Vegas to pursue nuclear medicine at the University of Nevada, but he still ran his channel and frequently partnered with other YouTubers because he had to do a great deal of work alone.

Ryan Higa Personal Life

Ryan Higa Personal Life

From 2004 until 2009, Higa was in a connection alongside other YouTubers and nigahiga creator Tarynn Nago — the reasons for their breakup have not been revealed. In 2010, it was rumored that he was seeing Andrea Thi, although the relationship was short-lived.

There have been no reports of current partnerships, therefore he is considered to be single. Ryan’s mother is fully equipped to handle him. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a youngster.

He also stated that he is a great admirer of the animated series “Naruto,” as seen in numerous of his videos. He’s had several issues while recording and has been sent to the hospital as a result of mishaps while making movies.

Ryan Higa Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1990, on the 6th, of June “Ryan Higa” age is 31 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 6 inches tall, (1.73 m), and his weight is 70 kilograms and (154 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Ryan Higa Career

Ryan Higa Career

Higa is primarily known for founding Nigahiga, a famous and well-known YouTube channel. Ryan founded the channel alongside his pals Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, as well as Tarynn Nago (dubbed “The Yabo Crew”), but after relocating to Las Vegas to attend UNLV, the majority of his video have been solo efforts.

Higa and Fujiyoshi began making Youtube clips of themselves as students at Waiakea High School in mid-2006. The pair lip-synched to tunes in these videos. They quickly moved beyond songs, producing a variety of other comic pieces. His pals made cameo appearances on occasion.

Two of the most popular videos, “How to Be Gangster” as well as “How to Be Emo,” were banned on Christmas Eve 2008 owing to copyright breaches, only to be reinstated on the network in late August 2009, only to be taken again just days later. They published “Ninja Melk,” a 26-minute new story, in August 2009.

In November 2010, they produced another movie called “Agents of Secret Stuff,” which included Smosh, D-GTrix, Hiimrawn, as well as KassemG as guests. His comedic videos on YouTube have been seen over 3.8 billion times. Higa’s Channel on youtube, Nigahiga, has more than 21 million followers as of August 2018. From 2009 to 2011, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers for 677 days in a row.

Ryan also established his own production business, Ryan Higa Production House, in 2015, with a facility in Henderson, Nevada. In 2016, Higa formed the Boys Generally Asian (BGA) parody K-pop group alongside David Choi, Philip Wang, Jun Sung Ahn, as well as Justin Chon. Their debut single, Dong Saya Dae, soon surpassed 16 million views on YouTube.

Their second song, “Who’s It Gonna Be,” topped the K-pop charts. Ryan departed the group in 2018 to complete a degree in engineering in California.

Higa has also had some movie and tv success. Ryan made his first official feature-length picture, “Ryan as well as Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure,” alongside producer and director Richard Van Vleet, which debuted to sold-out cinemas across California as well as Hawaii and was published on DVD in July 2009.

Higa also appeared as DJ Elephant Head in Supah Ninjas. Higa starred in the horror-thriller “Tell Me How I Die” in 2016. He appeared in the Netflix movie “Finding ‘Ohana” in 2021.

In terms of business, Higa founded Victorious Inc., which debuted the “TeeHee” app in April 2015, however it was shut down barely 2 years later in April 2017. Later that year, his book, “Ryan Higa’s How and Where to Write Good,” was released. Ryan co-founded the LLC Ninja Melk with Kyle Schroeder as well as Kathleen Hahn in 2016.

In May 2019, they released an energy drink that took three years to create. In October 2019, they created a stop motion short video to promote the drink, which he uploaded on his nigahiga YouTube account.

Ryan Higa Net Worth

Ryan Higa Net Worth

Ryan Higa is a YouTube celebrity, actor, comedian, and producer of Japanese descent with a personal wealth of $10 million. Ryan Higa, commonly known on YouTube as Nigahiga, was born on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii, as well as went to Waiakea High School, where he wrestled.

Higa studied filmmaking at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He holds a black belt in Karate and has competed in it. Higa is most known for creating the immensely popular Nigahiga Youtube page.

Ryan launched the channel alongside his friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, as well as Tarynn Nago (known as “The Yabo Crew”), but after relocating to Las Vegas to pursue UNLV, he has mostly done solo videos.

Higa and Fujiyoshi began filming Youtube clips of themselves in mid-2006, while still students from Waiakea High School. In these videos, the pair lip-synched to songs. They swiftly expanded beyond songs to include a range of other comedic items.


Ryan Higa is a $10 million personal income American YouTube personality, actor, comedian, as well as producer. Higa is primarily known for founding Nigahiga, a famous and well-known YouTube channel.

He made his acting debut in the movie “Tell Me How I Die.” Higa has three Streamy Award nominations as well as a Young Hollywood Trophy.

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