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R Kelly Net Worth

$2 million

Name R Kelly/Robert Sylvester Kelly
Date of Birth January 8, 1967
Age 55 years old
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Profession Rapper/Singer/songwriter/record producer
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $2 million


R Kelly Introduction

R Kelly’s net worth is approximately around $2 million dollars as of 2022 and after numerous lawsuits, complications, accusations, and even the ‘Surviving R Kelly’ series, R Kelly’s net worth has completely vanished.

R Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago. He gained his recognition by releasing his debut album ‘born into the 90s.

R Kelly Early life

R Kelly Early Life

Robert Sylvester “Kelly” R Kelly was born in 1967, on the 8th, of January at Chicago lying-in hospital in Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. He has three half-siblings, an older sister, and a brother, along with a young brother.

Her mother, Joanne Kelly (née Jones), was a school teacher and a devout Baptist. She was born in Arkansas. His father’s identity is unknown.

When he was five years old his mother married his stepfather who worked for an airline. He grew up in the Ida B. Wells Homes public housing project in Bronzeville. Kelly started singing in the church choir when he was eight years old.

In 1973, Kelly wrote about having a girlfriend, Lulu, at the age of eight, when he was writing his autobiography.

Kelly said that members of his household would behave differently when his mother and grandparents were not at home.

Kelly stated that although his older brother was spared from physical abuse, both he and Kelly suffered psychological abuse at different times from Theresa, who refused to admit to the abuse when confronted years after the fact.

Kelly wrote about being shot in the shoulder when he was 11 years old by boys who were trying to steal his bicycle. However, a family friend later stated Kelly had attempted suicide.

As a teenager, Kelly attended Kenwood Academy in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, where he met music teacher Lena McLin who encouraged him to sing the Stevie Wonder song “Ribbon in the Sky” at the school talent show. A shy Kelly put her sunglasses on, was escorted onto the podium, sang the song, and took first prize.

McLin encouraged Kelly not to play basketball anymore and focus on her music instead. He was furious at first until he saw his performance in the talent contest. Then he changed his mind.

Red Line CTA Station in 2012 Kelly was diagnosed as having the learning disability dyslexic. It left him unable to read and write.

He started playing music by busking at the Chicago “L” Train station. He regularly performed at one of the stops on the Red Line’s Jackson station. In his youth, he played basketball with Illinois state championship basketball player Ben Wilson and sang “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” at Wilson’s funeral.

From there, he went on to pursue his music career and today he is considered one of the best rappers of all time with songs including the likes Ignition and I Believe. Recently, R Kelly released a new song explaining how he was broke. It went viral.

R Kelly Personal Life & Controversies

Kelly secretly married Aaliyah in 1994, but their marriage was later annulled. He then married dancer Andrea Lee in 1996, and they had three children together before divorcing in 2009.

R Kelly Personal Life & Controversies

R Kelly’s career was full of controversies over the years, including allegations of sexual assault. He was arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage girl. He was ultimately acquitted of all 14 charges against him.

If R Kelly had not been arrested for sexual misconduct, his net worth would have been at least $50-100 million dollars. Over the years, the singer has reportedly paid tens of millions of dollars to allegedly settle scores of lawsuits made by women claiming they were abused by him. Kelly reportedly lost a significant portion of his net worth when he divorced his wife, Andrea Lee, in 2009.

It was revealed in 2012 that Kelly owned $5 million in unpaid taxes dating back 7 years. He lost his Chicago home to foreclo¬sure in 2013 because he hadn’t paid the mort¬gage since 2010. He was evicted from two homes in Atlanta after failing to pay more than $30,000 in unpaid rent and fees. He once lived in a rented townhouse at the Trump Tower in Chicago.

R Kelly Age, Height, & Weight

Being Born in 1967, on the 8th, of January in Chicago “R Kelly” is age his 55 years old as of today’s date his height is 6 feet 1 inch tall, (1.85 m) and his weight is 91 kilograms as of 2022.

R Kelly Career

R Kelly released his first solo album “12 Play” in November 1993. Thanks largely to “Bump N’ Grind,” the album eventually became certified 6 times platinum.

R Kelly Career

At the same time, Kelly started a music business producing records for other artists. He produced and wrote every song on the debut album of the teenage R&B/pop singer Aaliyah.

After that, his single “I Believe I Can Fly” topped music charts and won three Grammy awards.

Kelly released a series of multi-platinum albums during the 2000s, as he also released the multi-part hip hop opera Trapped in the closet, which he released to various radio stations in short portions at the time. The final portion of the app was officially released to the general public in the spring of 2010.

R Kelly has released fourteen studio albums, five compilation albums, and three collaboration albums.

He has won dozens of awards, including several AMAs, an MTV Video Music Award, a BET award, and a number of Billboard Awards. His latest album, “Black Panties,” was released in 2013, and his last album, “The Buffet,” was released in 2015. He has also participated 12 times in official tours around the world from 1994 to 2013.

R Kelly Net Worth

As a famous American singer, songwriter, and musician, R Kelly has a negative net worth of $2 million.

R Kelly Net Worth

At his peak, Kelly’s net worth was probably in the tens of millions of dollars, maybe even up to $100 million. Kelly admitted to a judge in April 2020 that he owes nearly $2 million to the IRS alone, and that he has no assets to pay back the debt.


With R Kelly’s current net worth at $-2 million, he doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of money that he used to have. He has had so much trouble since he became successful.

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