MrBeast Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight & Career 2024


MrBeast Net Worth

$25 million

Name MrBeast
Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Age 24 years old
Height 6 ft 3 inch (1.90m)
Profession YouTuber/Businessperson/Philanthropist
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $ 25 million


MrBeast Introduction

MrBeast, Jimmy Donaldson, is a well-known YouTuber who is famous for his spectacular actions and donations. Donaldson has a large social media following and is the co-founder of ‘Team Trees,’ fundraising again for Arbor Day Association.

MrBeast Early Life

MrBeast Early Life

Donaldson is a Kansas native who was born in 1998, on the 7th, of  May. Donaldson grew up in Greenville, North (C.A) Carolina, mostly with his brother CJ. Donaldson attended Greenville Christian Academy, a private high school in the area, and graduated in 2016. Before dropping out of East Carolina University, he attended for a short time. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel illness that Donaldson suffers from.

MrBeast Personal Life

MrBeast Personal Life

The marital status of MrBeast is single. He is dating Maddy Spidell, an Internet celebrity who is well-known by his profession as an Instagram model.

The couple has been together since the year 2019 and constantly posts images of themselves on various social media platforms.

Health Issues

MrBeast Health Issues

Jimmy has Crohn’s disease, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. In ninth grade, he was diagnosed with the condition. He has spoken about his long battle with the painful condition throughout the years. Prior to being identified, he was sick almost every day and, as a result of the considerable difficulty, he dropped 30 pounds over the course of a summer. MrBeast follows a very careful diet in addition to his meds.

MrBeast Age, Height & Weight

Being born in 1998, on the 7th, of May “MrBeast” age is 24 years old as of today’s date and his height is 6 feet 3 inches tall, (1.90 m) and his weight is 85 kilogram and (187 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

MrBeast Career

MrBeast Career

MrBeast began his career as a YouTuber, and his videos are known for their attention-getting pranks. He donates the majority of his earnings to others and even arranges tournaments in video games such as Minecraft with large cash awards to aid others. He gave a house to a person in one of his gaming videos.

In 2017, he released a 40-hour-long video on his YouTube channel, followed by a 55-hour-long video the following month. In 2019, he collaborated with Apex Legends to host a real war royale tournament in Los Angeles, with prizes totaling $200,000.

Various firms such as Honey and others fund the majority of his YouTube videos. On his YouTube channel in the year 2021, he posted a video called Rewind 2020, Thank God It’s Over. In 2019, he co-created the TeamTress fundraising event on YouTube with youtube Personalities and retired NASA technician Mark Rober.

Many well-known YouTubers, including The Slow Mo Guys, Rhett & Link, NinjaMarshmello,  and others, have endorsed the initiative, which primarily focuses on raising donations for the Arbor Day Foundation and planting trees in US national parks. Several corporate leaders and companies also contributed significantly to his effort.

Awards & Achievements

MrBeast Awards

MrBeast, who is 23 years old, has been shortlisted for numerous prestigious accolades throughout his professional career. In 2019, he was named Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards. In 2019, he received nominations for Group cast Ensemble and Artist of the Year.

He received the Streamy Awards the next year in several categories, including Artist of the Year, Social Good: Artist,  Live Special,  and Social Good: Charitable organization or NGO.

He was nominated for the Favourite Celebrity Social media Star category at the Kids Choice Awards last year in 2021.

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast is a YouTube sensation, philanthropist, and businessman from the United States. Mr. Beast has an approximate net worth estimated to be around $25 million as of 2022. MrBeast, also called Jimmy Donaldson, is famous for his YouTube pranks in which he gives big sums of money to friends or charities. He is credited as the creator of the first altruistic YouTube stunt videos. He’s also one of the world’s highest-paid YouTubers. From his YouTube channel, clothing sales, and partnerships with companies.

Jimmy is said to put a huge amount of his video revenues back into making more videos. He now spends up to $300,000 on a single video, compared to $10,000 just a few years ago. His stunts are usually humanitarian in nature, such as offering money to other people or acquiring an entire shelter of stray dogs.

MrBeast makes at least $3 million every month from YouTube ads alone, according to the YouTube statistics tool SocialBlade. In-video brand deals aren’t included in this.

MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts, his three primary channels, have a collective of 90+ million subscribers as of this writing. MrBeast is the most subscribed YouTube creator in the United States, according to his overall subscriber total. PewDiePie has 110 million followers on his main channel alone, making him the most followed individual artist around the globe.


Mr. Beast has an approximate net worth estimated to be around $25 million as of 2022.

Mr. Beast, Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the most popular Channels on youtube around the globe. He originally attracted notice when he began posting videos on YouTube criticizing the worst intros. Donaldson is also well-known on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, Beast has over 18 million followers on Instagram.

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