Mila Kunis Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight, & Career 2024


Mila Kunis Net Worth

$75 million

Name Mila Kunis
Date of Birth August 14, 1983
Age 38 years old
Height 5 ft 3 inch (1.63m)
Profession Actress
Nationality American/Ukrainian
Religion Judaism
Net Worth $75 million


Mila Kunis Introduction

Mila Kunis is commonly known as “Milena Markovna Kunis” and is a very famous actress from the United States. At the age of 14, she started playing Jackie Burkhart on the Fox television show That ’70s Show. Kunis has been the voice of Meg Griffin on the Fox animation sitcom Family Guy since 1999.

Mila Kunis Early Life

Mila Kunis Early Life

Milena Markovna Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, in the Soviet Union, on August 14, 1983. Elvira, her mom, is a physics professor who also owns a drugstore, as well as Mark, her dad, is a mechanical engineer who also works as a taxi driver.

Mila’s family fled the USSR when she was just seven years old because they could see no career for her or her older brother Michael in the nation.

Mila as well as her parents relocated to Los Angeles, California, for barely $250. She studied at Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School and Fairfax High School in Los Angeles.

Mila Kunis Personal Life

Mila Kunis Personal Life

In 2002, Mila Kunis started a high-profile romance with actor Macaulay Culkin. Throughout their romance, the pair fought to retain their privacy in the face of constant public scrutiny.

The couple separated amicably in 2011. Mila Kunis began a relationship with That 70s Show co-star, Ashton Kutcher, in 2012. They were wedded in 2015 and have two children.

Mila Kunis Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1983, on the 14th, of August “Mila Kunis” age is 38 years old as of today date and her height is 5 feet 3 inches tall, (1.63 m), and her weight is 52 kilograms and (115 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Mila Kunis Career

Mila Kunis Career

Mila Kunis started performing as a member of an after-school program when she was nine years old. Management instantly saw her and began sending her out on appearances. Her very first performance was for a Barbie ad. Her earliest television appearances were on series such as Days of Our Lives, Baywatch, as well as 7th Heaven.

Mila Kunis was 14 years old when she was chosen as Jackie Burkhart in That 70s Show in 1998. The show went on to become one of the greatest successes on television, lasting eight seasons. Kunis played an 18-year-old role as a 14-year-old. Nonetheless, the producers believed she was a fantastic match. She subsequently received several honors for her work on the show.

Kunis earned the part of “Meg” in Seth MacFarlane’s animated cartoon sitcom Family Guy just one year later. Seth MacFarlane originally admired Kunis because she effortlessly sounded like a genuine teen, and she continued to voice the character (being, in fact, a real teen). Meg is disliked by the other characters on the program, and Kunis refers to her as a “scapegoat.”

Mila Kunis had made the transition from television to more important cinema parts by 2001. She made her film debut in getting Over It, starring Kirsten Dunst. She went on to feature in less successful films including American Psycho 2, Tony & Tina’s Wedding, and Moving McAllister.

It wasn’t until the end of That 70s Show that Kunis revealed her real ability as a film actor. Her breakthrough came in 2006 when she starred in the critically acclaimed film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The picture also did well at the box office, making more than $105 million worldwide.

Her next film, with Max Payne, was released in 2008. The film did well at the box office but was panned by reviewers. She made a comeback in 2009 with a critically-lauded performance in Extract. Kunis was making a name for herself as a Hollywood actress in 2010.

Her performance in the big office smashes The Book of Eli and boosted her star status. Kunis had a busy year in 2010, as she followed up with a supporting part in Date Night.

Her most notable part that year, though, was in Black Swan. Mila Kunis co-starred with Natalie Portman in her most physically and psychologically challenging part to date. Kunis’ acting talents were tested, and she underwent rigorous physical training to prepare for her role as a professional ballet dancer.

The film went on to win a number of prizes and was nominated for five Academy Awards. Mila Kunis has received several honors as a consequence of her performance. Black Swan was a commercial success as well, grossing $329 million worldwide.

Friends With Benefits, another box office success, followed in 2011. She co-starred with Justin Timberlake in the picture, which grossed about $150 million worldwide.

The popularity of both flicks, however, would be overshadowed by Kunis’ following feature, Ted. Director Seth MacFarlane picked Mila Kunis as Mark Wahlberg’s character’s girlfriend, and the picture grossed an astonishing $549 million at the box office.

She portrayed Theodora the witch in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful in 2013. This picture would go on to be another big box office success, grossing over $493 million.

She also appeared in the film Blood Ties, which premiered at Cannes that year. Third Person, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, rounded off her year.

Mila Kunis co-founded the production firm Orchard Farm Productions in 2014. The following year, she appeared in the flop sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending. Her subsequent picture, Bad Moms, was a box office hit but a critical flop. The same thing happened in the sequel, A Bad Moms Christmas.

Kunis starred in The Spy Who Dumped Me in 2018, another box office blockbuster that received mixed reviews. Kunis starred in the film Four Good Days, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020.

Mila Kunis Net Worth

Mila Kunis Net Worth

Mila Kunis, is a Ukrainian-born actress, with a personal wealth of $75 million. She came to prominence as a kid. Kunis rose to stardom as the lead in the comedy series “That ’70s Show.”

She recently made news when she and her husband Ashton Kutcher, 38, began a drive to raise donations for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, raising more than $20 million in less than a week against their target of $30 million.

Kunis has also made headlines for speaking out about her Ukrainian ancestry and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On March 11th, she posted an honest conversation with Maria Shriver on YouTube.

Real Estate

Mila Kunis Real Estate

Mila spent $2.9 million on a property in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon neighborhood in 2008. She spent $540,000 on an apartment in West Hollywood in 2002.

Ashton and Mila spent $10.2 million for a Beverly Hills house in May 2014. They listed the house in 2020 for just less than $14 million. In the end, they collected $10.35 million in January 2022.

They spent $10 million on a seaside home in Carpenteria, California, near Santa Barbara, in June 2017. The building consists of two residences with a total internal living space of 3,100 square feet.

Their principal residence is a 6-acre Beverly Hills estate that was shot for Architectural Digest in August 2021.


Mila Kunis has an approximate net worth is estimated to be around $75 million as of 2022.

Mila Kunis is an outstanding actress who has amassed a sizable net worth over the course of her career. She is currently wedded to Ashton Kutcher, with whom she has two children.

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