Lil Baby Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight & Career 2024


Lil Baby Net Worth

$4 million

Name Lil Baby
Date of Birth December 3rd, 1994
Age 28
Height 5″8 (1.76m)
Profession Rapper
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $4 million

Lil Baby Introduction

According to Forbes, Lil Baby has a net worth of approximately $4 million. Known best as Lil Baby, Dominique Jones is an American rapper, musician, and singer from Atlanta.

Jones is best known as the producer of the hit songs ‘My Dawg’ (featuring T.I.), ‘Freestyle’ (featuring Kanye West), and ‘Yes Indeed’.

Lil Baby Early Life

Lil Baby Early Life

Born December 3rd, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, Lil Baby is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised by his mother alone, who had to take care of him and his two sisters after her husband left them.

He wasn’t struggling academically, but he did get into trouble, which resulted in him dropping out of school in tenth grade. He was charged with possession with intent to sell and other charges. His original advocate advised him to accept a two-year plea bargain, but Jones refused and hired a new lawyer.

Lil Baby Personal Life 

Lil Baby Personal Life

Lil Baby doesn’t share his personal life information, According to some resources and our research, Lil baby began a relationship with Jayda Cheaves after a short romance both are spilt. and also Lil baby has a son named Jason from a previous relationship with Ayesha.

Lil Baby Age Height & Weight

At a 27-year-old age, Lil Baby has a height of 5″8 (1.76m) and contains 66Kg Weight.

Lil Baby Career

Lil Baby Career

Lil Baby started out rapping with 4PocketsFull and QC Music. He would release three albums, Perfect Timing, Two The Hard Way, and Too Hard. Everyone was having moderate success, and then Lil Baby started gaining some attention.

He released his first studio album Harder than ever. The album was supported by the hit single “Yes Indeed” featuring renowned rapper Drake. The hit song peaked in the top 10, making it Lil Baby’s first top 10 song.

Lil Baby had received his first cosign from Drake and was ready for him to build on that success by releasing an album full of hits. He would release a collaborative project called Drip Harder with his close friend and label mate, Gunna.

Lil Baby’s Net Worth 

Lil Baby Net Worth

Lil Baby has a net wealth of $4 million. He has most of his wealth from music sales and streams, but he also owns a few properties. He has built a huge following and is considered one of the biggest rappers today. It has allowed him to profit greatly from live performances and features by other artists. They’re eagerly awaiting his third studio album, which they expect will be just as successful as his previous two.


According to Forbes, Lil Baby’s net worth is approximately $4 million. Lil Baby is an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter. Lil Baby is best known for some of his songs including songs “Freestyle, “My Dawg,” “Drip Too Hard,” and “Yes Indeed.”

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