Jojo Siwa Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight & Career 2024


Jojo Siwa Net Worth

$14 million

Name Jojo Siwa
Date of Birth May 19, 2003
Age 19
Height 5”9 (1.73m)
Profession Dancer
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $14 million


Jojo Siwa Introduction

Jojo Siwa is an American pop singer, dancer, actress, and YouTube personality who is most famous for appearing on Dance Moms with her mother, and for her role as a contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Her present net worth is estimated to exceed $14 million. Siwa is also famous for her singles ‘Boomerang’ and ‘The Kid in a Candy Store’. She regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel, called “Its JoJo Siwa”.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth Yearly Range 

  • 2022 Net Worth $14 Million
  • 2021 Net Worth $12 Million
  • 2020 Net Worth $10 Million
  • 2019 Net Worth $8 Million
  • 2018 Net Worth $5 Million

Jojo Siwa Early Life

Jojo Siwa Early Life

Jojo Siwa is from Omaha, Nebraska, and was born on May 19, 2003. Her parents, who both are professionals, a mother named, Jessalynn, is a professional dance instructor, while her father, Tom Siwa, is a chiropractor. She started dancing at age 5.

She started practicing dance at her mother’s dance academy. When she was nine years old, Siwa participated in the reality show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Even though she didn’t win the show, she was one of the youngest contestants ever to appear on AUDC.

After appearing on Dance Moms, Siwa continued to appear in several episodes of the show. She was so bubbly and pretty that she attracted a lot of attention and became a teen idol.

Jojo Siwa Personal Life 

Jojo Siwa Personal Life

She was known for being in relationships with Mark Bontempelli, a TikTok star, and Mark Wahlberg, an actor. It didn’t last long, but they did break up.

She was also in an intimate relationship with Kylie Prew before she became famous. She came to support the community. According to reports, they have split up.

Jojo Siwa Age Height & Weight

Jojo Siwa is one of the youngest artists, age is 19 while height is 5″9 in 1.76m and her weight is approx 55Kg.

Jojo Siwa Career

Jojo Siwa Career

She started her career at AUDC and made it into the top five. She was famous for appearing on Dance Moms with her mother. She loved singing. She wanted to combine her passions of dancing and singing, so she released her first single album titled I Can Make You Dance. Then she released the Boomerang, which talks about cyberbullying.

She released a line of hair brow products in collaboration with Claire’s in the same year. She then released another line of accessories and decor items with J.C. Penney. She has written several children’s books.

She was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in the TV show “Blunt Talk.” Later, she appeared in the TV show “The Masked Singer” and the movie “Honey Boo Boo” She then went on her second concert tour called D.R.E. A.M.

She would start to monetize her influence by selling products and services. She would use her fans to create a YouTube channel The content ranged from Siwa doing normal things like going to school, shopping, and hanging out with friends to her interacting with celebrities.

Awards and Nominations

Jojo Siwa Awards & Nominations

She has won various awards including Favorite musical YouTube creator, Favorite social music star awards, and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Jojo Siwa has a net wealth of $14 million dollars Jojo makes her living by being an actress, singer, dancer, and YouTube personality.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Initially, television was the only source of income for her, but she would eventually grow her influence, resulting in great wealth. Siwa is set for a big appearance on the thirtieth series of Dancing with the Stars. So it’s fair to assume her popularity will continue to grow.

Her annual income is $2M. Her primary source of income comes from her YouTube channel, songs, acting, and dancing career. Jojo also earns from her business of hair products, decor, and other acces­sories, brand promotion, and co-author­ing various books.


Jojo Siwa is an American YouTube personality, singer-songwriter, and dancer. For a few years, three EPS D.R.E.A.M has been released by Jojo. She has been blessed with a net worth of $14 million.

Jojo earns her livelihood by being an American actress, singer, dancer, and author. She gained the limelight for the videos that she posted on her YouTube channel.

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