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John Legend Net Worth

$75 million

Name John Legend
Date of Birth December 28, 1978
Age 43 years old
Height 5 ft 9 inch (1.75m)
Profession: Singer/Songwriter
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $75 million


John Legend Introduction

John-Roger Stephens, better known as John Legend, is an Ohio-born American singer, songwriter, activist, actor, and record producer.

Legend has collaborated with well-known musicians and has joined Kanye West’s record company, GOOD Music.

John is mainly remembered for his own hit tune “All of Me,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

John Legend Early Life

John Legend Early Life

Legend was born in Springfield, Ohio on December 28, 1978. His parents had musical geniuses in their neighborhood while having physical occupations (seamstress and factory worker). His mom, Phyllis, was the director of the church choir, and his father, Ronald, was a drummer.

They were essential in pushing him to pursue music and improve his talents.
Legend’s mother homeschooled him until the eighth grade, allowing him to skip two classes due to his intellectual aptitude. He also started playing the piano at the age of four, and he joined his church choir at the age of seven. Legend was able to enter North High School in Springfield at the age of 12 due to his quick academic progress.

Four years later, he finished as a salutatorian and was accepted to prestigious colleges including Harvard, Georgetown, and Morehouse College. Legend eventually opted to study at The University of Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration on African-American literature in 1999.

Legend continued to demonstrate his musical prowess during his tenure at UPenn. He joined the Counterparts a capella ensemble and was one of the greatest collegiate vocal leaders in the country. This enabled him to get public awareness and the opportunity to work with artists.

John Legend Personal Life

John Legend Personal Life

Legend happened to meet model Chrissy Teigen in 2006 when she appeared in his music video for “Stereo.” They wedded on September 14, 2013, in Villa Pizzo in Como, Italy, after getting engaged in December 2011. Luna, their daughter, was born in April 2016, and Miles, their boy, was born in May 2018. Both children were born through in vitro fertilization.

Legend was awarded People’s Sexiest Man Alive in November 2019. Legend confesses to cheating on his partners in his 20s during an interview on Dax Shepherd’s podcast “Armchair Expert” in the summertime of 2020. Legend stated that he was two years younger than his contemporaries in high school and college, and as a result, he did not receive much attention from ladies. He sucked it up and acted foolishly as a result. He quickly added that everything transformed when he met Chrissy Teigen.

His wife, a seasoned Twitter troll, bit the bait, saying, “Especially… Some other sh*t is in the tens and thirties, so talk in tens, fool.” Legend and Teigen met while he was 28 years old.

Legend was one of several celebrities who flocked to social networking sites to pay respect to civil rights leader John Lewis, who died in July 2020. He said on Twitter: “Thank you for being a justice fighter, John Lewis.

Thank you for caring so much about us that you dedicated and sacrificed your life to bring people closer to freedom. Let us rededicate ourselves to carrying on his legacy as we grieve and commemorate his great life.”

John Legend Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1978, on the 28th, of December “John Legend” age is 43 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 9 inches tall, (1.75 m) and his weight is 71 kilograms and (156 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

John Legend Early Career

John Legend Early Career


Legend served as a consulting company after graduation while also creating, recording, and producing his own music. He self-released his self-titled demo in 2000 and “Live at Jimmy’s Uptown” in 2001, which he sold during his shows. He quickly began submitting his demo to record companies. Legend met Kanye West, an up-and-coming hip-hop musician at the time, in 2001. Legend was engaged by West to sing the hooks in his music. Legend was also joined West’s label.

Legend got his stage name after a suggestion made by poet and singer J Ivy. Ivy essentially stated that Legend’s song sounded like it came from one of the Legends. So he started calling John Legend. West felt the same way. Legend eventually took on the moniker himself.


John Legend Success

Legend’s new album, “Get Lifted,” was published in December 2004 under Kanye West’s GOOD Music label. The album opened at number 7 on the Billboard 200. In 2006, “Get Lifted” received the Grammy Award for Best R&B Album. Legend was also nominated for Best Male R&B Male Vocalist and Best Original Artist. The record’s four songs were produced. Legend co-wrote Janet Jackson’s song “I Want You,” which received a Grammy nomination at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in 2005. Over the next few years, Legend appeared on albums by a variety of different artists and ensembles, including Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas, and Stephen Colbert.

Prior to Michael Jackson’s death, Legend was also working on a forthcoming record with him. Only one song had been composed when Jackson died.
Legend played in the Super Bowl XL pregame show in Detroit, Michigan, as well as the NBA All-Star Game in Houston, Texas, in February 2006.
Legend sang “It Feels Good Whenever You Sing a Song” with Hoots the Owl on “Sesame Street” in the summer of 2006.

Legend’s second album, “Once Again,” was published in the fall of 2006. The album debuted at number 3 on the charts and at number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. For his song “Heaven,” he received the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. He also received a Grammy for his contribution to the track “Family Affair.” “Evolver,” his third album, was released in October 2008. The track “Green Light,” features Andre 3000 of Outkast. The song reached the top of the charts for the first time since his hit “Ordinary People.”

Legend and the Roots collaborated on the album “Wake Up!” in 2010. Legend received three Grammy Awards in 2011: Best R&B Song for “Shine,” Best Traditional R&B Vocal Collaboration for “Hang On in There,” and Best R&B Record.

Legend’s record “Love in the Future” debuted at number two in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2013. “All of Me,” the album’s third song, became a worldwide smash. The song is presented to Chrissy Teigen, his wife. At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, he sang the song. “All of Me” was the third best-selling song in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2014.

In 2016, he published his record “Darkness and Light.” He published the CD “A Legendary Christmas” in 2018.

Legend was the successful coach on “The Voice” alongside his artist Maelyn Jarmon on May 21, 2019.

Legend played in a special Quarantunes charity performance in 2020.
Legend and Andra Day sang Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Support of All” at a fundraiser for Joe Biden’s campaign for president in July 2020.

John Legend Net Worth

John Legend Net Worth

John Legend’s personal wealth is $75 million as of 2022. While Teigen’s fortune is included, Legend has amassed the vast majority of it.

For co-writing “Glory” in the film Selma, Legend received eleven (11) Grammy Awards and an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

He’s also received a Tony Award for co-producing Jitney on Broadway and a Primetime Emmy for creating NBC’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

This gives him really just the 16th person, the first black man, and the second-youngest person in history to win all four EGOT honors.

Real Estate

John Legend Real Estate

Because why stop at just one property on one coast, John and Chrissy possess many properties in California and New York. In fact, the pair embarked on a buying binge in 2020, acquiring a $5.1 million West Hollywood house in April and a $17.5 million Beverly Hills mansion.

in September. Cool, cool, cool, that’s exactly what I was doing in 2020.
On top of that, John and Chrissy possess a $14.1 million Beverly Hills mansion that they listed for $24 million in August. Oh, and don’t forget over their *two* New York City penthouses, each valued at about $10 million.


John Legend has an approximate net worth is estimated to be around $75 million as of 2022.

John Legend is an incredible vocalist who has collaborated with celebrities including Kanye West and Alicia Keys. He has received multiple prizes, including 10 Grammys and one Golden Globe.

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