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Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth

$80 Million

Name Jake Gyllenhaal
Date of Birth December 19, 1980
Age 41 years old
Height 6 ft 1 inch (1.82m)
Profession Actor
Net Worth $80 million


Jake Gyllenhaal Introduction

Jake Gyllenhaal commonly known as “Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal,” is an actor from the United States. He is the son of filmmaker Stephen Gyllenhaal as well as author Naomi Foner, and his older sister is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal Early Life

Jake Gyllenhaal Early Life

Jake Jakob Benjamin Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles on December 19, 1980. He is the child of Stephen Gyllenhaal, a movie filmmaker, and Naomi Foner.

His family wanted him to have a regular childhood, so they made him volunteer at a homeless shelter as well as perform summer jobs as a teenager.

Gyllenhaal was frequently cast in movies as a child. His parents allowed him to audition for other movie parts as well, but he was not allowed to act if he was chosen.

Jake Gyllenhaal Personal Life

Jake Gyllenhaal Personal Life

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gyllenhaal’s sister, is wedded to actor Peter Sarsgaard, Gyllenhaal’s co-star in Jarhead as well as Rendition. Ramona Sarsgaard, his niece, was born on October 3, 2006. Gyllenhaal as well as his sister escaped a fire that burned Manka’s Inverness Lodge, a famous lodge and restaurant in Inverness, California, where they were vacationing in December 2006.

The Gyllenhaals were one of a dozen or so visitors who escaped following a fire started by a falling tree at 3 a.m. Despite having to battle the wind and cold, co-owner and famous chef Daniel DeLong claimed the duo was sympathetic. “Jake was assisting me in pulling stuff out of the flames,” DeLong explained.

Gyllenhaal has “actual godparents” as well as “celebrity godparents.” His godfather is actor and director Paul Newman, and his godmother is actress Jamie Lee Curtis. A homosexual couple as well as cinematographer Robert Elswit are among the unknown godparents. Gyllenhaal is the godfather of Matilda Rose Ledger (born October 28, 2005), the child of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams from the film Brokeback Mountain.

From 2002 until 2004, Gyllenhaal was in a relationship with actress Kirsten Dunst. From 2007 to 2009, he engaged Rendition co-star Reese Witherspoon. From October 2010 to January 2011, he loved vocalist Taylor Swift, and even from July to December 2013, he dated beauty Alyssa Miller. Gyllenhaal has been seeing French model Jeanne Cadieu since late 2018.

Jake Gyllenhaal Age, Height, & Weight 

Being born in 1980, on the 19th, of December “Jake Gyllenhaal” age is 41 years old as of today date and his height is 6 feet 1 inches tall, (1.82 m), and his weight is 82 kilograms and (181 lbs) in pounds as of 2022. 

Jake Gyllenhaal Career

Jake Gyllenhaal Career

Jake’s first notable film appearance was as a kid actor in 1991’s City Slickers. Despite spending the following several months auditioning for numerous films, his parents frequently pushed him to reject opportunities out of fear that the film business would badly impact his youth. Having said that, Gyllenhaal had several opportunities to star in films directed by his father. A Dangerous Woman, as well as Homegrown, were among them.

October Sky was Gyllenhaal’s first main role at the age of 19. The picture received positive reviews and grossed more than $32 million at the box office. Following this breakthrough, Gyllenhaal swiftly found other possibilities as a leading man, beginning with Donnie Darko. The 2001 picture was a box office flop, but it earned rave reviews and quickly became a cult classic.

Despite the fact that he was now a well-known Hollywood actor, Jake Gyllenhaal battled during the following few years as he transitioned from teen to adult roles. His performances in films such as Highway and Bubble Boy were panned, but he garnered more praise for his portrayal in The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston.

Gyllenhaal opted to attempt his hand at theatre acting after a few more film appearances, participating in a London production of Moonlight Mile as well as garnering rave reviews. Gyllenhaal has been a prolific theatrical performer since, especially in New York shows.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s next major role was in The Day After Tomorrow in 2004. He portrayed the child of Dennis Quaid’s character in the science fiction film, which grossed about $553 million.

He then starred in 2005’s Brokeback Mountain, a rather controversial picture about two cowboys who begin a sexual bond. The picture, which also starred Heath Ledger, grossed more than $178 million at the box office. Gyllenhaal received several accolades for his supporting performance and was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

In the 2007 film Zodiac, Gyllenhaal portrayed cartoonist Robert Graysmith, who solved the Zodiac case. He received favorable reviews and helped the picture gross about $85 million at the box office.

Jake Gyllenhaal grabbed the role in 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time after participating in the film Brothers. The film, which was based on a video game, received negative reviews from reviewers. However, it succeeded to become a movie office monster, grossing over $336 million.

After participating in films such as Love & Other Drugs and Source Code, Gyllenhaal received excellent feedback for his performance in the cop thriller End of Watch. In 2013, he starred in Denis Villeneuve’s films Prisoners and Enemy.

He made news once more in 2014 when he landed the main part in Nightcrawler, a film he also produced. He was nominated for several accolades for his performance. Despite failing to achieve the same heights with films such as Accidental Love and Southpaw, Gyllenhaal returned to fame with Everest, which grossed over $200 million at the box office.

Gyllenhaal debuted with Nocturnal Animals in 2016 and then followed it up with the critically panned horror flick Life. Critics were far more thrilled by Gyllenhaal’s portrayal in 2017’s Stronger, which was inspired by the recollections of a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Gyllenhaal performed in films such as Wildlife and The Sisters Brothers in 2018. Gyllenhaal returned to the public limelight after playing the villain Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and after a part in 2019’s Velvet Buzzsaw. The film grossed $1.132 billion at the box office, making it one of the year’s highest-grossing films.

Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth 

Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth

According to some resources and our data, Gyllenhaal is worth $80 million. Jake Gyllenhaal’s personal wealth includes earnings from films such as Brokeback Mountain, Prince of Persia, as well as Spider-Man: Far From Home, as well as Donnie Darko, Jarhead, and Zodiac, Brothers, as well as the Guilty.

In addition to his film work, Gyllenhaal has been in plays such as Little Shop of Horrors but also Sunday in the Park with George. He’s also appeared as a guest on series including Inside Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live. He has also served as an ambassador for brands such as Prada as well as Calvin Kelin, and he launched his own production business, Nine Stories Productions, in 2015.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s net worth also allows him to possess various homes around the country, including an $8.63 million condo in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood and a $2.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion that he sold for $3.5 million in 2014.

Real Estate

Jake Gyllenhaal Real Estate

Jake Gyllenhaal, along with a slew of other celebrities, purchased a Tribeca condo in a converted industrial building in 2017. The New York building is well-known for housing celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, Harry Styles, as well as Lewis Hamilton. Despite the fact that some flats in the 19th-century structure have sold for as high as $44 million (think penthouse apartment with a rooftop pool), Gyllenhaal’s condo cost $8.63 million.

Gyllenhaal’s flat is a robust 2,868 square feet, with three bedrooms and hardwood flooring. For further seclusion, the building has 24-hour concierge service, safety, a pool, and a basement automobile court. Obviously, the strata fees must be exorbitant.

Gyllenhaal bought a home in Hollywood Hills, another region known for hosting celebrities, in 2005. He spent $2.5 million on the rancher-style home, which has a gated driveway and other appealing amenities. The star later sold the house for $3.5 million in 2014, generating a tidy $1 million profit.


Jake Gyllenhaal’s net worth is expected to be $80 million in 2022. This is according to a variety of sources, including our research.

Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles, California in 1980 into the Gyllenhaal family, a Swedish noble parent. His parents, Stephen & Naomi, also worked in the movie industry as directors and screenwriters. He as well as his older sister Maggie Gyllenhaal were thus introduced to the world of cinema at a young age. It’s no surprise that they both ended up in the acting business.

Jake earned his first film credit as an 11-year-old in the movie A Dangerous Woman. Despite appearing in a variety of movies over the next few years, his parents frequently forced him to reject down parts. Both were concerned that their status as young performers would have a detrimental impact on their careers.

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