Dr. Disrespect Net Worth | Bio, Age, Height, Weight & Career 2024


Dr. Disrespect Net Worth

$3.5 million

Name Dr. Disrespect
Date of Birth March 10, 1982
Age 30 years old
Height 6 ft 8 inch (203.2m)
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $3.5 million


Dr. Disrespect Introduction

Dr. Disrespect commonly known as “Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV,” on the internet, is the most famous American video game broadcaster.

Dr. Disrespect Early Life

Dr. Disrespect Early Life

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV was born in 1982, on the 10th, of March in California.

On January 11, 2010, Beahm released his debut video, which featured gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

He appeared in a number of videos for something like the gaming platform Machinima, primarily while playing Call of Duty.

Beahm stopped uploading to YouTube in late 2011 and hasn’t uploaded anything in over five years.

Dr. Disrespect Personal Life

Dr. Disrespect Personal Life

Dr. DisRespect is extremely discreet about his personal life. He prefers to keep this information out of the spotlight. He is currently married. He has, however, kept his wife out of the spotlight.

The identity of the woman is likewise unknown. There is no knowledge on how, when, or where the couple met.

Alana Beahm, the couple’s daughter, was born. He is also incredibly supportive of his parents.

On December 14, 2017, he released an emotional video about his family. “I’m going to take time off to concentrate on my family,” he explained.

Dr. Disrespect Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1982, on the 10th, of March “Dr. Disrespect” age is 30 years old as of today date and his height is 6 feet 8 inches tall, (203.2 m), and his weight is 80 kilograms and (176 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Dr. Disrespect Career

Dr. Disrespect Career

Guy Beahm began working as a community manager for ‘Sledgehammer Games in March 2011. He was also adept in multiplayer online gaming. Beahm created his Dr. DisRespect identity while playing ‘Halo 2’ on Xbox around about this period.

Following that, his videos such as ‘Dr. DisRespect Gaming: Bleeding Scar-H EP1’ as well as the ‘Dr. DisRespect: The Theater Realm sequence catapulted him to prominence in the game streaming community. Fans adored him for his amusing, boastful, and over-the-top remarks.

Around the same moment, he became more involved on Twitch, garnering more popularity in the broadcasting community.

Dr. Disrespect was subsequently appointed to Multiplayer Level Designer for ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ by ‘Sledgehammer Games in 2012. He created multiplayer maps such as ‘Quarantine,’ ‘Horizon,’ and ‘Slideshow,’ among others. It was a great accomplishment to design some of the most recognized levels in such a high-profile game.

Dr. Disrespect Net Worth

Dr. Disrespect Net Worth

Dr. Disrespect’s personal wealth is believed to be around $3.5 million. Dr. Disrespect struck a massive, performance $10 million (at the very least) agreement with Twitch.

In 2020, right before he was removed from the network. However, it is thought that the agreement was terminated as a result of the permanent prohibition.

Instead, Dr. Disrespect moved his profession to YouTube, another enormously popular medium.

Dr. Disrespect is clearly identified as among the highest earners in the esports field when we list the major hitters. He’s followed at the top of the table by Ninja as well as TimTheTatMan, two streamers who also make a lot of money in the gaming industry.

These individuals are frequently regarded as the trade’s elites, and they have years of expertise over the youthful talent entering the marketplace today.


Dr. Disrespect has an approximate net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million as of 2022.

Dr. Disrespect is a Twitch broadcaster, internet gamer, YouTuber, as well as social media personality from the United States.

He is well-known for his unorthodox image, which includes donning a mullet wig, a mustache, as well as sunglasses.

He is an avid gamer who frequently broadcasts on Twitch battle royale games such as ‘H1Z1: King of the Kills as well as ‘Apex Legends.’

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