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DanTDM Net Worth

$35 million

Name DanTDM
Date of Birth November 8, 1991
Age 30 years old
Height 5 ft 8 inch (1.73m)
Profession Youtuber
Nationality British
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $35 million


DanTDM Introduction

DanTDM is commonly recognized as Daniel “Robert Middleton,” is a famous British YouTuber as well as a gamer primarily remembered for his computer game commentary.

His YouTube channels have provided a range of video games, including Minecraft, Roblox, as well as Pokémon. His YouTube channel has been named one of the best in the United Kingdom.

DanTDM Early Life

DanTDM Early Life

Daniel Robert Middleton was born on November 8, 1991, in Aldershot, England. His family has a son who is older. His parents had to make some sacrifices because his father was stationed in the British Army.

He was relocating from place to city, bringing his parents with him. We’re not sure how many times Dan’s family moved throughout his childhood, but we do know he went to 10 different schools.

This time in his life was unfortunate since he was unable to develop long-lasting friendships.

Apart from that, this manner of life culminated in his parents’ separation, which the youngster found difficult to accept. Following the catastrophe, he was fortunate to find a permanent place with his mother and brother.

He attended Northampton University and started his YouTube career in 2010. His debut broadcast was all around the video game “Pokemon.”

DanTDM Personal Life

DanTDM Personal Life

Daniel met and fell in love with Jemma in elementary school when they initially became classmates as well as friends.

Dan describes how Jemma encouraged him during his profession and pushed him to achieve his aspirations in his Draw My Life video.

So, despite having completed a degree in music composition and a solid job at supermarkets, Daniel opted to continue expanding his Youtube account.

They wedded in 2013 and are expecting their first baby, Asher, in 2020. Despite the fact that Daniel has previously included his kid in several of his films, he has opted to hide his son’s face from the audience in order to safeguard his privacy.

DanTDM Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1991, on the 8th, of November “DanTDM” age is 30 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 8 inches tall, (1.73 m), and his weight is 70 kilograms and (154 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

DanTDM Career

DanTDM Career

PokemanDanLv45 was Daniel’s initial YouTube channel, which is still active today, before launching the DanTDM in 2012. On this Youtube account, Dan solely broadcasts Pokémon-related stuff, such as card unpacking videos as well as gameplay.

Dan produced The Diamond Minecart two years later, which catapulted him to prominence. While most Videos on youtube game content providers these days appeal to young adults and older audiences, Dan’s programming is mostly aimed toward youngsters.

As a result, he has expanded his reach beyond that of similar YouTubers, as so many parents felt comfortable allowing their children to watch his videos.

Dan’s leisure time is generally spent editing his own videos, from the audio to the thumbnails. Dan used to publish two movies every day, but this had caused him to get exhausted. Although his enthusiasm for making material has not waned, he no longer uploads videos as regularly as he once did.

His ongoing success allowed him to feature in his own youtube series, DanTDM Creates a Big Sensation, which was then exclusive to YouTube Red and lasted six episodes.

Dan has continued to upload on his YouTube account on a regular basis since then. His primary YouTube channel had 18.6 billion views and 26.1 million followers as of April 2022.

He also has DanTDM shorts, DanTDM Live, as well as MoreTDM accounts on the platform.

DanTDM Net Worth

DanTDM Net Worth

DanTDM’s personal wealth is expected to exceed $16.5 million by 2022. This massive money was largely generated by the YouTube sector.

DanTDM has been playing games as well as publishing them to his Youtube account for a long time. He has around 25 million YouTube subscribers.

Many game-related companies and services may have DanTDM as an official sponsor. As a result, he makes a fine life there as well. DanTDM also has social media accounts that he might use to make a lot of money.


DanTDM Earnings

Daniel is frequently one of YouTube’s greatest-earnings personalities. Daniel made $18.5 million in 2018 from his many ventures, which now include a retail line that includes caps, sweatshirts, backpacks, and other items. He made $12 million in 2019.


Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) has an estimated net worth of Daniel Middleton a $35 million personal financial English gamer as well as an online star. Daniel Middleton was born in November 1991 in Aldershot, England.

He is most recognized for his Youtube account DanTDM, originally known as The Diamond Minecart. He covers a wide range of video games, with Minecraft being his primary emphasis. Middleton has almost 10 billion YouTube views and 16 million followers.

He was reported to have earned over $16.5 million in 2017 alone, making him the highest-earning YouTube celebrity on the planet for the year.

Middleton began on YouTube with a Pokémon channel before launching his main channel in 2012. He won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for UK Favourite Tipster in 2015 and 2016.

Middleton has established Guinness World Records for “most views for a specialized Minecraft video channel,” “most goals were scored in a Rocket League game for a team of two,” and “most goals scored in a Rocket League game for a team of three” (team of three). Trayaurus as well as the Enchanted Crystal, Middleton’s children’s book, was released in 2016.

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