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Cordae Net Worth

$1 Million

Name Cordae
Date of Birth August 26, 1997
Age 25 years old
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.79 m)
Profession Rapper
Nationality American
Religion Islam
Net Worth $1 million


Cordae Introduction

Cordae, commonly known as Cordae Amari Dunston, is an American rapper as well as a vocalist. He achieved recognition by producing remixes of famous songs, including “My Name Is” by Eminem, as well as “Old Niggas”, which was a reaction to the track “1985” by J. Cole.

Cordae Early Life

Cordae Early Life

Cordae was born in 1997, on the 26th, of August in North Carolina but relocated to Maryland when he was a child. He became interested in music as a youngster because his father would often play vintage hip-hop from musicians such as Rakim, Nas, and Big L, as well as Talib Kweli around him. He started creating raps around the age of fifteen, but only as a pastime.

As he grew older, he would undertake artist research on YouTube, hoping to locate music comparable to what his father played. Dunston became more interested in pursuing a music career as he grew older. He valued schooling but was frequently sidetracked by songwriting.

As a teenager, he released three mixtapes: “Entendre” – Anxiety (2014), I’m So Anxious (2016), and I’m So Anonymous (2017). He graduated from high school in 2015 and opted to attend Towson University, but dropped out in 2018 because college was “larger than him” as a first-generation student, and because he was mostly doing it for his mother. Soon after, he relocated to Los Angeles.

Cordae Personal Life

Cordae Personal Life

He served at a small T.G.I. Friday’s in Maryland before leaving college, saying to Adam22 of No Jumper that he “hated” it and always believed he was meant for greater. Cordae took part in a Black Lives Matter rally in 2016, rapping in front of the crowd about his challenges and the injustices he’d noticed in his neighborhood.

Dunston, along with American professional football player Kenny Stills, was convicted in July 2020 at a Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2019, he began a relationship with tennis player Naomi Osaka, whom he encountered during a Los Angeles Clippers game.

Cordae Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1997, on the 26th, of August “Cordae” age is 25 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 9 inches tall, (1.79 m), and his weight is 60 kilograms and (132 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Cordae Career

Cordae Career

Cordae recorded his debut song as Entendre at the age of 16 and afterward teamed with his mutual buddy Simba on the track Tough Decision. YBN released his debut mixtape, Anxiety, in 2014, followed by I’m So Anxious in 2016 and I’m So Anonymous in 2017. Cordae rose to prominence after releasing a remix of Eminem’s hit My Name Is, as well as Old Ni##a, his answer to famed rapper J. Cole’s classic 1985.

He posted the tracks to WorldStar HipHop’s Youtube account, where they received millions of views. The songs also aided him in gaining international and national acclaim. He went on to record tracks such as Fighting Temptations, Kung Fu, as well as Scotty Pippen after achieving popularity in the hip-hop business. Scotty Pippen’s music video has received over 15 million views on YouTube.

Aside from that, at the close of 2018, Cordae joined Juice Wrld, Lil Mosey, as well as Blake on the American WRLD Domination tour. Simultaneously, he met with the famous rapper Drake. In January 2019, he released a track called Locationships, followed by the song Have Mercy, which became the first single from his album The Lost Boy.

On July 26, 2019, YBN Cordae launched his debut studio album. At the 62nd Grammy Awards, the cd was nominated for Best Rap Album. The Lost Boy is one of the record’s tracks. This Article is Based on our research, when we were writing this article we had gone through many renowned magazines & sites like Forbes, Wikipedia, etc.

Cordae Net Worth

Cordae Net Worth

YBN Cordae net worth is expected to be about $2 Million US in 2022. He is a young rapper and artist in the hip-hop business who rose to prominence after releasing successful tracks. Through his hard work and dedication, the rapper has amassed a substantial fortune from the business.

YBN has made a lot of money since the release of his blockbuster mixtape Anxiety by launching new tracks and collaborating with high-profile artists. All of those hits have allowed them to live a very lavish lifestyle.

Aside from music, the rapper makes a lot of money through brand endorsements, such as when he sponsored the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones. He also became the Youth spokesperson for, one of the world’s leading brands. YBN Cordae’s yearly salary exceeds $500,000. Puma

He also has a YouTube account with millions of views on every video. One of his most notable accomplishments is being nominated for two Grammy Awards. Cordae is still in the early stages of his career, but it appears that he will be among the best rappers in the next years.


YBN Cordae is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $2 million. He’s only 25 years old. He has only been in the rap music industry for six years. He’s already built a name for himself with two songs. He has already established himself as a member of the current generation of rap musicians. Some rap specialists believe he will be the voice of the future.

He eventually went on to publish a few more songs over the following 3-4 years. He also formed his own Youtube account where he was uploading his music one after another, and he was earning popularity without any backing from the established music establishment.

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