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Chief Keef’s Net Worth

$1 million

Name Chief Keef/Keith Farrell Cozart
Date of Birth August 15, 1995
Age 26 years old
Height 5 ft 11 in  (1.83 m)
Profession Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Record Producer
Nationality American
Religion Atheism
Net Worth $1 million


Chief Keef Introduction

Chief Keef is a famous American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago, Illinois.

Keef’s music was popular during his teen years from early 2010. Keef released one of his most popular singles, “I Don’t Like” in 2012, which was later remixed by rapper Kanye West. The song reached the top 20 of the Billboard rap charts.

Chief Keef Early Life

Chief Keef Early Life

Keith Farrell Cozart aka “Chief Keef” was born in 1995, on the 15th, of August at Chicago, Illinois. Born to a 16-year-old mother, Keith was raised in an O-Block housing project on the South Side of Chi­cago in a low-income apartment complex commonly known as “O-Block.” Cozart was soon part of the Black Disciples street gang that is active in the area.

At the age of five, Keith created his own rap songs using his grandmother’s karaoke machine and recorded them onto cassette tape. When he was just 15 years old, He dropped out of school.

Chief Keef Personal life

Chief Keef got his first children at the age of 16 years old. Today he has five children with different women. His eldest daughter is named Kayden Cozart, but we don’t know anything about his mother.

Chief Keef Personal Life

Chief Keef is currently paying child support for his daughter. In November 2013, Chief Keef revealed that he has a new 10-month-old daughter. She’s called Kimora. His third child and his first son were born in September 2014. He’s called Krue Karter Cozart.

Two years later in August 2015, he had another child, Sno Cozart (Sno). His youngest son is named Zinc Clark and was born in 2017. He has not married any of the mothers who gave birth to his children.

At one point in 2013, Chief Keef was dating model Pretty Mesha, who he later broke up with. The breakup happened around the same time his children’s mothers started showing up demanding he pays child support.

Chief Keef Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1995, on the 15th, of August “Chief Keef” age is 26 years old as of today’s date and his height is 5 feet 11 inches tall, (1.83 m) and his weight is 70 kilograms and (154 lbs) in pounds.

Chief Keef Career

Chief Keef Career

Keef first gained attention when he released mixes as a teenager, such as ‘The Glory Road’ and ‘Bang.’ He then uploaded tracks to his YouTube account, which led to him gaining more attention. One of his songs, “I Don’t Like,” became a major hit and started the new genre known as “drill.”

After this success, he became an established artist with many record labels trying to sign him. Keef later signed with Interscope Records and released his debut studio release ‘Finally Rich’ in 2013.

He collaborated with rapper Kanye West on ‘Hold My Liquor in 2013. Over the years, this rapper has released fewer and fewer mixes and tracks. He even announced that his retirement would be effective in 2015. However, he would keep working with several high-profile musicians, and in 2019, revealed that he planned to release “Almighty So 2.”

Legal Issues

Chief Keef Legal Issues

At the age of 16, Chief Keef was charged with distributing heroin and manufacturing it. Because, he was so young at the time, Chief Keef got off rather lightly. He was sentenced to house arrest instead.

That same year, this 16-year-old boy pointed a gun at several police officers, and they chased him while shooting at him and barely missing. Eventually, they caught the guy and took away his gun. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. He was once again sentenced to house arrest.

Next year, the seventeen-year-old rapper Chief Keef was accused by authorities of hiring an assassin to murder one of his rival rappers, who went by the name Lil’ JoJo. Chief Keef was investigated for this crime, and it was discovered he had been violating his probation by visiting a gun range and firing a weapon. He eventually got caught and was sentenced to juvenile detention for two months.

Also in 2013, rapper Chief Keef was sued for $75,000 by a promotion company after he failed to show up for a planned performance in London, England. Keef ignored the suit, and a court subsequently ruled that he must pay $230,000 in damages to the promotion company.

He was arrested throughout the rest of the year for smoking marijuana in public, speeding, and violating his parole. As time went on, Keef was sued again for missing more concerts, arrested again for smoking marijuana in public and driving under the influence, charged with robbery, and accused of stealing from producers named Ramsay Tha Great.

As a result of gang violence involving his stepbrother and his cousins, Chief Keef has lost several relatives.

Chief Keef’s Net Worth

Chief Keef Net Worth

Chief Keef has a net worth of approximately around $1 million dollars. At the time of signing his first record contract, Chief Keef had already signed a huge three-record music deal worth more than $6 million in the year 2013. He then failed to meet his sales quota and was dropped by his label Things got so bad that in the year 2014 he was unable to pay his rent and other expenses on time. Since then, he has spent all his money on lawyer bills for his jail stays and paying back companies for failing to show up at events.


Chief Keef is a famous American rapper who has a personal net worth of $1Million. Many credit him for pioneering the mumble rap and drill sub-genres of hip hop. Chief Keef has had a huge impact on the hip-hop world. He’s been arrested multiple times for drug possession and distribution, and he’s had several times with the law.

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