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Bretman Rock Net Worth

$2 Million

Name Bretman Rock
Date of Birth July 31, 1998
Age 24 years old
Height 5 ft 8 inch (1.78m)
Profession Social Media Personality
Nationality American/Philippine
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $2 million


Bretman Rock Introduction

Bretman Rock, commonly known as Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga, is a Filipino social media celebrity as well as a beauty influencer residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. He rose to prominence as a YouTube as well as a Vine maker when one of his contouring videos went popular in 2015. Rock is well-known for his cosmetic lessons and his hilarious take on life.

Bretman Rock Early Life

Bretman Rock Early Life

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga was born in 1998, on the 31st, of July to an Ilocano in Sanchez-Mira, Cagayan, Philippines. Edmund Laforga, his father, was a devotee of professional wrestling as well as called him after Bret Hart as well as the Rock.

Rock came to Hawaii when he was seven years old and grew up playing baseball, soccer, cross-country running, as well as volleyball. Rock was a member of the track squad at Campbell High School.

Bretman Rock Personal Life

Bretman Rock Personal Life

Rock’s father passed away in November 2019 after having been in a coma for several months. His mother, Mercedita, features in some of his videos. Ilocano rock. Rock is out homosexual and said in a September 2019 conversation with Elle that he was in his first relationship.

Rock appealed on social media in April 2020 that followers never approach his house unannounced, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic. This Article is Based on our research, when we were writing this article we had gone through many renowned magazines & sites like Forbes, Wikipedia, etc.

Bretman Rock Age, Height, & Weight

Being born in 1998, on the 31st, of July “Bretman Rock” age is 24 years old as of today date and his height is 5 feet 8 inches tall, (1.78 m), and his weight is 70 kilograms and (154 lbs) in pounds as of 2022.

Bretman Rock Career

Bretman Rock Career

Bretman has always had a passion for cosmetics, therefore he chose social media as the primary method to showcase his abilities to the rest of the globe. Bretman launched his YouTube account on September 23, 2012, when he was just 14 years old.

On Instagram, he is well-known for his cosmetics lesson videos, and his work is highly regarded. He was not only a well-known Instagram celebrity, but he also controlled Vine with his entertaining and fantastic content. During his adolescence, he was influenced by immaculate makeup artists like Patrick Starrr as well as Talia Joy.

He received a lot of criticism for his career choice, but nothing could stop him as well as he continued as if nothing had happened. When he first started on YouTube, he uploaded comedy videos, but when he changed his genre to cosmetics, he witnessed a dramatic increase in subscribers.

He even has a YouTube page where he posts vlogs alongside his sister. In 2017, Time Magazine named him one of the World’s Most Influential Teens. A large portion of his following became interested in his cosmetic films, allowing him to cooperate with several well-known businesses. To produce his cosmetics line, he worked with Morphe, Colorpop, as well as Wet’n’Wild.

Bretman’s makeup is usually vivid eyeshadow palettes influenced by his surroundings. His things are so easy to obtain that even the youngest audience members can do so. He has had several successes as well as accomplishments in his life as a consequence of his excellent efforts and good work. He has defied all expectations and emerged as one of the most renowned and prominent social media stars.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

Bretman Rock Net Worth

Bretman Rock net worth is believed to be approximately $2 million. This remarkable figure was achieved mostly via his activity as an influencer on social media on multiple platforms. He began on the now-defunct Vine site, when his 2015 cosmetic contouring instructional went viral, establishing him as a true social media sensation.

The celebrity has over 8.89 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing as well uses his channel to give cosmetic tips and daily vlogs. His new YouTube Originals program 30 Days With Bretman is also a hit.


Bretman Rock is believed to be worth $2 million as of 2022. He earns $250,000 every year as a result of his exceptional abilities. He is a cosmetics artist, YouTuber, and amazing influencer from the United States. This page will include all you need to know about Brettman’s salary, profession, and personal life.

He owns a luxurious and elegant home in Hawaii. The majority of his furniture as well as the artwork is created by Filipino artisans. His home was decorated by MCYIA, a Hawaii-based firm. Architectural Digest also featured his home. The fact that his house was included in Architectural Digest shows that he has achieved success in life, and also most people admire him.

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